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Preemie Purple Hearts
The folder about the Preemie Purple Heart is now available in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic , Italian, Spanish and Dutch and it would be nice to be able to make it available in even more languages. If you want to help us with a translation to other European languages, contact us!


Author: Renea Ericson

Swedish: Ingrid (Inkan) Renfors
Norwegian: Gjermund, Åshild and Harald Austvik
Finnish: Raisa Montin
Danish: Rikke Ellehauge
Icelandic: Einar Tjörvi Eliasson
Italian: Valeria Iacobelli
Spanish: Becky Hatfield
Dutch: Jacqueline Rogers - ter Haar

BIG thanks to you who helped out with the translations!
the story of the preemie purple heart

- the special heart for babies born too soon

The Preemie Purple Heart One day a child was born, too early, too small but loved as much as any child could be. As the parents of this child entered this journey they found themselves feeling alone. They had the joys of being new parents but the fear of losing their child, the thrill of giving birth, the grief of a lost dream. This was supposed to be a joyous time, not a time filled with grief, anger and pain. Little did these parents know they were not alone.

The Preemie Purple Heart is born of an idea borrowed from the US army, a medal given for being wounded in battle. What bigger battle is there than the battle for life and the wounds of premature birth live on with the infant and family forever. The colour was once reserved for royalty, making it special and gender neutral. The heart is not a solid colour and the stripes in each heart are a little different, just as every child and every journey is a little different, but the basic design is the same just like the basic experience is the same. The heart is made of glass - it is strong but not so strong it could withstand a crushing blow. The premature child is strong but not invincible. It is a heart because the heart is our centre, it's every beat renews life and hope, it symbolizes love. At the bottom of the Preemie Purple Heart is a teardrop, it is symbolic of the tears shed during the journey of a premature family, good and bad, joy and sorrow.

The Preemie Purple Heart is an outward sign of unity among a special group of people. A group that knows no country, language, economic, ethnic or religious bounds. A group with one common goal: hope for the future of premature children. This group includes not only parents and children but also siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nurses, doctors, clergy and friends. This group shares a bond beyond words, a bond only the heart knows. The Heart can be with you when you feel alone, remind you there are hundreds of others who keep you in their hearts. It can give you a chance to share your story.

Author: Renea Ericson.

© Renea Ericsson, 1997-2015

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